Download Client And patch

Download client game

File size: 3.63 GBDirectX 12 100 MB

Update client

1)Accounts AutoCreated . 1) Download our server patch. 2) Replace all folders and files from the patch to your Lineage II directory 4) Run l2.exe in system folder..

Download PATCH x7

System requirements

System Setup: 1. First Download The Cliend/ 2. Download The Patch/ 3. Download DirectX 12/4. Run In Order/ 5.So As Not To Give You An ERROR.

Component parts Min Max
Processor 2.8 Ghz 3.5 Ghz
Memory 4 GB 8 GB
Operation system Windows 7 SP1 Windows 10
Graphics card 1 Gb 4 Gb
Conection 1 Mbps(ADSL) 2 Mbps(ADSL/Fibra)